Logitech Fold Up keyboard for iPad 2

| December 27, 2011

There you have it, now your dream to turn your iPad 2 into a laptop look a like. Logitech’s fold-up keyboard for iPad 2 makes typing much more easy and convenient. 

Although the built in touch QWERTY keyboard by iPad does allow you potential typing opportunities, but if you are a professional blogger or need to type lengthy texts on the go on your iPad 2, then Logitech’s full sized fold-up keyboard is the best choice to use at that moment. 

The full sized keyboard by Logitech is larger than the built in touch keyboard by the iPad. The keyboard is comparatively larger as well from the traditional or standard keyboards that we see. The fold up keyboard by Logitech is split from the middle and is then joined through sliding both its pieces.

The keyboard by Logitech is connected via blue-tooth to the iPad 2 and is placed exactly at the bottom of the case. It is extremely popular among the users of have a lot of typing to do and are Apple lovers.


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