Top 5 Online Work Tools

| December 20, 2011

This is the internet era, people work on the go. Who does not want to get the best of work output? Here we list top 5 online work tools that not only increase your work productivity, but also boost the work efficiency.

Lets Crate

Probably the best demonstration of the drag and drop file function available online. Its a free online file sharing service that does not even require to set up an account before sharing files. Not only this, the file sharing process itself has been made look so easy by their website’s interface.


Screenr is rated as the best online screen casting setup. We do know that screen casts creation is time consuming and irritating. But Screenr helps you create screen casts within no time and allows you to publish them online in high resolution with complete ease.

Strawberry app

Sometimes at work places, we do face the problem of website restrictions, which mostly include sites like Facebook and Twitter. Work places normally do so to let their staff focus completely on their work. However, through Strawberry app, you can pull in tweets and Facebook updates and further customize them as per your relevance. This not only saves time, but also avoids cuddling up through the entire feeds and tweets to find your relevant data.


Although smart phones have made life much organised and scheduled, but if you still don’t have one, you can rely on Tungle. This amazing online app allows you to schedule your meetings and keep a track record of the activities you want to engage in throughout a day.


This amazing app allows you to get ‘the extra bit’ when it comes to Gmail usage. Rapportive allows you to get the extra details of Gmail emails. For example, through Rapportive, you will be able to view the sender’s location, timezone, their linkedIn profile details, Facebook ID, and Skype ID.

In a nut shell, the above mentioned apps/utilities/tools improve online work efficiency and allow you to work smarter than before.








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