Jet Clean | Junk File Cleaner

| December 19, 2011

Once you buy a brand new system, you tend to install many softwares, apps and programs for various functionality purposes. But, you often tend to forget, when it comes to making a junk file cleaner a part of your system.

Jet Clean junk file cleaner is a light weight app, which can be easily installed to remove all junk files from your PC stored automatically due to abundant internet and program usage.  By doing so, you will not only be able to improve the work performance of your PC, but will also be able to make extra space for approved files to be stored on your disk.

The major functions of JetClean junk file cleaner include:

  • Delete junk files
  • Clean system registry
  • Acts as trace eraser
  • Removes broken shortcuts
  • Cleans RAM
  • Removes unwanted apps
  • Optimizes start up
  • De-fragments system registry

In all, Jet Clean app is far better than other junk file cleaners, as it not only provides the ‘extra’ junk file cleaning functionality, but also takes  a little space on disk and loads within no time.


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