Top 5 Video Editing Softwares

| November 30, 2011

Looking for an easy-to-use and reliable video editing software? Here is a list of top ten video editing softwares which will help you choose software according to your needs.

1)            Corel Video Studio Pro X4

This is one of the most easy-to-use as well as reliable video editing software. It features a set of standard editing tools as well as a special tool called Movie Wizard that allows the user to make full-length movie size videos. There are also many options for outputs like use of a TV tuner to get the output on a TV screen or compress it to transfer into a mobile phone. Some interesting features like adding a title in the movie are also added. The main reason for its popularity is the easy way of making videos in all formats including HD. Other softwares may provide more features but none of them provides that much ease of use. This particular software is not only for professionals but students and people with not much experience in video editing can also use this software with great ease. They also have a help-line for customer care support which provides assistance to the users any time they need.


Coral Studio


2)            Cyberlink Power Director

This software is has gained popularity due to its ability to import all kinds of formats. It can even work with media imported from a DVD. All the video clips are listed in a library with all the special effects available and you can personalize any one of them and get a high-quality and clear output. Usually, trimming different parts of a video is considered to be the most difficult task but surprisingly this software has turned it into one of the easiest task. Overall it is a very simple program and the user is surprised to realize that it can accomplish all the tasks very smoothly. It is available at a really affordable price and looking at all the features it is provided with, the price seems to be quite reasonable. It is an entry-level program but provides features that make it really competent. Seeing the price and the features it provides its users with, this really is a software that satisfies its users.

Cyber Link Power Director

3)            Adobe Premier Elements

Adobe is really famous for producing user-friendly softwares with amazing features and the good thing about them is that they keep adding more interesting and new features to their softwares. The software provides a set of simple commands to fulfill all the video editing demands of its users. Unlike its competitors, this software has the ability to handle many video and audio tracks. The software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista and beginning with version 9.0 it is also compatible with MacOS X. It provides features like easy search, view and organization of clips. It allows the users to see the videos and photos in full screen mode. Musical tracks added to videos automatically adjust according to the length of tracks. Shaky video, color or light problems are also automatically fixed. A clip-art library is provided to add various frames, graphics or animations of your choice to the videos. It also provides an option to directly upload your video to Facebook or YouTube.

Adobe Premier Elements

4)            Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is an amazing video editing software that not only provides a great set of tools to perform your video editing but also guides a beginner how to perform editing step-by-step. Amateur users love it as it has complete guideline needed by them. It provides an option to add audio clips which are suitable for your video clips. It is an impressive software as it provides its users with many options to improve the quality of their clips. The built-in ProDAD VltaScene has an ability of adding many special effects to the videos. A special set of tools is also provided to improve the resolution as well as providing the zoom option. Pinnacle Studio is the most straight-forward video editing software that also provides step by step instructions. It also has an online version.

Pinnacle Studio

5)            Nero Vision Xtra

Nero Vision Xtra is fully packed with amazing features and has latest technology and smooth working. It offers a strong backup system that makes it easier for the users to keep their work safe. It provides the users ability to save as many files as they want to on CD’s, DVD’s and even on Blu-ray disks. The software also allows compressing the files for their use on iPod or other such devices. This amazing software is also capable of handling files that are in HD or AVCHD format. While advertizing their product, they have laid quite stress upon its easy-to-use quality. This is quite true as it not only facilitates its users by providing amazing tools but it also generates fast results.

Nero Vision



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