Top 5 Games Like Angry Birds

| November 30, 2011

As you all know, angry birds tops the gaming world these days and whenever any game gets famous, copycats jumps in to the field and try to develop similar games to get users attentions. Same goes with the angry birds and in this article I have compiled the list of top 5 best angry birds like games for free download.

5 of the many copycats of addictive angry birds game are described hereunder:

1- Anger Birds

Anger Birds, a name very similar to actual Angry Birds but doesn’t offer the same functionality. The game is available to download from app store. Some of the key features of anger birds game listed in description section on app store are:

  • Get the same feel like you’re playing Angry Birds Game with ‘Anger Birds’.
  • Anger Birds is a great Anger Birds game in which you’ve to crack the birds and make more points.
  • The game will over if you touch the Black/Red Bird.

2- Angry Farm

Angry Farm is similar to Angry Birds. It is only available to the Blackberry users. The birds characters comes with same powers as in original game, however the graphics of the game are very poor.

3- Siege Hero

There a few good physics puzzlers out there that simulate Angry Birds while still holding their own identity and Siege Hero is one of them. The battle in Siege Hero is merely slightly contrary to your usual Angry Birds clone. Besides assaulting your enemies directly, you only can attack the support structures. You also aren’t assaulting from a slingshot to the left, but instead directly with a singular tap. Siege Hero also puts in sureties to forbid you from destructing full structures with one hit, making the game a little more complex than your typical physics-based puzzler.

4- Angry Hipsters

Leave it to some self-conscious hipster to marinade Angry Birds in skinny jeans and embodiments with self-entitled sounding grunts and soughs. Selling pigs and eggs for coffee and PBR, Angry Hipsters is a blazing cheat without a hint of irony.

5- Angry Bomb and Angry Bomb 2

Rovio adopting the Angry Birds slingshot mechanic is a little un-original, but to the lowest degree they priced their game fairly. Angry Bomb and Angry Bomb 2 will set you back $5.99 a pop and you do not get much for what you pay. Flicking bombs across barren landscapes toward tiny structures takes away the strategy that gives Angry Birds its replay value. Just think if Angry Birds ditched all but the bomber bird in their cast, wouldn’t the game be easier to a great extent.


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