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| November 30, 2011

Angry Birds game needs no introduction as it is one of the mostly played games these days. Very recently, Angry Birds has reached the milestone of over 500 million downloads through different platforms. Angry Birds today, is by far the best amusement activity for people of every age.

You will be fascinated by the amazing game play in which you use different birds with specific powers to hunt down the evil pigs by destroying different structures, the green evil pigs are hiding in. The Game is developed by the well-known Finnish company “Rovio”. True and high definition graphics of the game makes it more spell bound.

Besides the special powers of birds, you will need to use your skill and fundamental knowledge of physics to help you defeat the green piggies. The game is comprises of 120 puzzle levels and to unlock a new level you’ve to have overcame the pigs before or upon using up your last bird. After each completed level, you get awarded by stars and points and you can always improve your score at each level.  Personally I like the white angry birds that can drop egg bombs and accelerates afterwards. The game appeals to my true humour altogether. If you’re especially feeling depraved then play Angry Birds and remove your aggression on the pigs. As you move on to the different levels, the pigs keeps on changing in sizes and the one with clowns are most difficult to destroy. Others wear helmets and/or Armour, so they become more and harder to decimate. To fight them the birds accompany various powers of destructiveness, for instance the black bird explodes, and the blue ones, far from being joyful small song-birds, fragmented into a deadly force of three. Particular birds are also efficient against the different materials of the structures, the pigs choose to shelter in, these are made of wood, stone and ice, so you’ve to think logically about which bird will be of most destructive use in your battle against the pigs.

The levels have innovative names too, there is “summer picnic” and “Seasons Greetings” and a host of others likewise smartly titled. It is barely surprising that the game has sold millions of copies since it was first launched in the Apple App Store. Now you can play free of charge wherever you’re if you’ve a Smartphone. You will be able to play on-line for free and this is good if you have not bought the app or prefer to play on a different device. You can play free Angry Birds game on-line but before start playing you should make sure that you have spare time to play game as it will be really hard to leave the game while you’re stuck at some level.

Play Angry Birds Free.


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