Top 10 Laptop Brands

| November 28, 2011

1. Apple

Apple is undisputedly the leader in the world of technology. Apple products are easily distinguishable among other tech gadgets. Apple laptops are reliable with performance. The laptops are very slim and tin and hence make it easy to carry them around. The laptop comes with its personalized Operating System Mac which is accompanied with many unique features and applications which are not very common in other Operating Systems. Apple has three lines of Laptops, Macbook, Pro and Air. In comparison to other brands, Apple is definitely expensive but it is worth it.

2. Lenovo

The next amazing brand is Lenovo. Lenovo is Chinese Company founded in 1988. Now it is one of the leading brands in the world. Lenovo Company knows what exactly the customer needs and they transform the need into a very fine Lenovo Laptop. The company made ThinkPad notebook series which was such a hit that it won several awards. Then it launched the IdeaPad which again gained a lot of praise from the users. Lenovo Laptops provide working efficiency, reliability, security and innovative looks. And hence they are loved by most around the globe.

Lenovo Laptops

3. Hewlett-Packard

HP founded by two friends Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard in a garage in Palo Alto is the world’s leading company in computing technology and software. The name HP is a trusted one especially in the world on Laptops. HP makes a large array of products and everyone can surely find a good machine according to his taste and style. HP Pavilion is a very famous line of laptops because of its amazing functionality and efficiency. One of the reasons why HP laptops are a hit is that HP provides almost everything a laptop must have and still the pricing is very reasonable, and in some cases much less than the other brands.

4. Sony

Sony is a household name, not only for computers but also for many other commodities. The brand is trusted by all as it has a lifelong history of providing very reliable products. Sony VAIO is the sub brand of Sony which exclusively makes Laptops. The laptops by Sony are sleek, stylish, efficient and reliable. Sony VAIO comes in many shapes, colors and sizes. Almost any kind of Laptop could be found in the range. W series, TT series and SR series some of the popular lines of the brand. But I personally feel that Sony VAIO Laptops are a bit pricy as compared t its parallels, not too much though!

Sony Laptops

5. Dell

Dell Laptops are known to work real good yet very affordable. Dell Laptops suit the need of both personal and professional environment. The biggest perk which this brand provides is that one can truly customize a Laptop as per one’s taste and demand. One can chose the Operating System, Color, processor an even software packages while buying a machine. Dells are especially popular among the students as they are very affordable. Dell Inspiron and Studio are some famous and hit lines of the Dell Company.

Dell Laptops

6. Acer

Acer Laptops have a big market around the world. This is a Taiwan based company and it has made its mark in short time. The laptops give high end performance and good working experience. The laptops are particularly famous for their stylish design and affordable price. Acer Aspire was made particularly to target domestic use. It has been a very successful line. Acer Ferrari is another series which is very famous around the world for its unique features.

Acer Laptop

7. Alienware

Alienware Laptops are quite similar to their name. The laptops are especially designed for people who are sci-fi fans. These machines are perfect for gamers as they provide options for high-end gaming. The laptops have a strong built and they have a very solid body. The skin of the laptops has sci-fi styling and it is enhanced further by decorative LED lights. The company came around in 1996, it is closely associated with Dell Inc.

Alienware Laptops

8. Toshiba

Toshiba is a Japan based electronics company. The word “Toshiba” is synonymous to efficiency.  The machines by the company are strong built, reliable and long lasting. The brand provides good and affordable machines, they are a good choice for students. The series Satellite and Satellite Pro are among the best laptop series of the world.



Another successful Taiwan based company is ASUS. This company mainly caters in electronics and hardware but they also make good laptops. The hardware for most of the top brands on Laptops comes from ASUS. The ASUS motherboards are of the finest quality so an ASUS Laptop is deemed to provide a good internet experience.

Asus Laptops

10. Gateway

Gateway laptops have a fairly good market in America. The machines work fine and the best feature about them is their exceptionally strong body. The laptops have a little heating issue but then all the products have some pros and cons. Gateway laptops are lightweight are give high end performance.

Gateway Laptops


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