5 Best Angry Birds Tips to Assist You In Game-play

| November 28, 2011

Angry birds is the one game which can tempt you to start playing irrespective of whether you are in your office doing work, travelling with a Smartphone in your pocket or at home. Angry birds game was first introduced of Apple iPhone but very shortly it has become available for other major mobile operating systems including Android and PC as well.

Users are literally stunned by this rapid growth of this remarkable game which now has variety of versions for the PC, the chrome web browser and as many versions for Android. One can easily be enticed as they had to know what all the ado was about.

Apart from its amazing game play, the one thing that angry birds often bring is frustration. Yes indeed, angry birds can be very annoying at times. Doesn’t matter how good you are on playing this game but sometimes it’s that day when you got stuck at certain level for long enough to get frustrated. However, you can get rid of your frustration by some simple tips. These tips or hints are described below:

1. Spare the Time

The very first thing you need to have to ease your game play is free time. Angry birds is an addictive game and once you start playing it is very hard to get your hand off. So, you need bulk of your free time to play. You may need 10-15 attempts to clear any difficult level. Therefore, it is important to play this game in your free time because it will be frustrated for you to leave your game stuck at some specific level.

2. Know Your Birds Well

It is very important that you know all the birds character and their capabilities. Each bird has unique game features and if you know the functionality you can prove to be more productive. For instance, you can speed up a Yellow Bird by tapping the screen while it’s still in the air. You can use this power to reach difficult and far-off places. The Yellow Birds are also strong against wood, so use them to destroy wood structures. Black Birds are virtually flying bombs so you can use them to smash through concrete structures. White Bird can drop one egg bomb and accelerates after dropping bomb, so you can use both these powers in conjunction to destroy pig structures.

3. Try Different Angles

You should try different angles to launch birds. This way you might come up with something more effective.

4. Remember Action Points

Remember your previous angles and use the background scenery to locate the perfect action points.

5. Think outside the Box

The more creative you will be, the more easier it gets.


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