Farmville Craze

| November 20, 2011

Social networking is everywhere these days and people spend hours using twitter or facebook. These websites also provide different applications and games for their users.

Farmville is a farming game developed by Zynga in the year 2009 for Facebook.  It allows the player to do different farm management tasks like plowing land, seeding and harvesting crops. The player can also plant trees and bushes and raise livestock.


It is an Adobe Flash player application and is also available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. It is a free game but users have the option to buy premium content. Previously it was known to be the most favorite game of Facebook users but recently it has declined to third position behind CityVille and The Sims Social.

At the start of the game the player creates a customizable avatar whose clothes or appearance can be changed during the game at any time. Initially the player is provided with an empty farm and a fixed amount of farm coins which increase as the player grows and harvest crops and the XP is also gained by this. At a certain XP mark, the level is increased.

The main way of earning money is by planting crops. The player buys a vegetable or fruit or flower and plants it on a unit on land. The time a crop needs to get fertilize is different for every crop. After a specific time, the crops wither if not harvested. The player can unwither the withered crops by paying some farm cash or the friends of the player can unwither the crops by visiting their farm.

A player can also raise livestock by buying cows, sheep, chicken, horses, rabbit etc or receiving them as gifts from their friends. They become ready to harvest after a specific time and also they do not wither. They yield money upon harvesting.

Neighbors may send gifts to each other which do not cost anything. These may include mystery gifts, special deliveries, building parts, livestock, decorations etc.

Decorations are also available to beatify the farms.  These may be bought from the market or can be received as presents from the neighbors. These also give XP.

Farmers are now also provided with English Countryside farm and Lighthouse Cove farm and they can manage their three farms at the same time. It is a good time pass for many people.


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