Top Ten Interactive Google Doodles

| November 1, 2011

Google Doodles are often seen on Google Search page commemorating famous people and events. Some of the doodles are just pictorial, but some are very nice interactive Doodles. It has been seen that the interactive doodles attract the audience very much and they spend much more time on the page instead of just moving away. These doodles are made with immense hard work and dedication which are depicted in the work. Let’s see the Top Ten Interactive Google Doodles.

The Interactive Guitar:

Google launched an interactive guitar which could be played actually. It also had a recording option for recording the tune one creates. The doodle was made to celebrate the birthday of legendary guitarist and musician Les Paul. It was such a hit that Google made it accessible even after that day.

Interactive Guitar

Pac Man Doodle:

The first ever doodle which had a game incorporated in it was made by Google in memory of the classic game Pac Man. One could play the game and it had several levels. It was reported that users spent more time on the Google Search page.

Pac Man

The Video Doodle:

The amazing singer Freddie Mercury died due to AIDS. He became the first superstar to die of AIDS. His music was loved by all. And his charming quiet personality inspired people. This was the first Google doodle which had a whole video. The song used was the classic “Don’t Stop Me”

Commemorating Freddie


The Dancing Doodle

Martha Graham was a revolutionary and legendary dancer. She has a very classical look to herself. And she introduced a very unique dancing style. Google remembered her by making for her an animated doodle. A girl, supposedly Martha, dances and a doodle appears. The black and white color scheme adds feel to the doodle.

Tribute to Marth Graham

The TV Doodle:

The invention of TV is indeed a great invention. And Google reminded us of it by making a TV which actually worked. Yes, it had buttons and one can switch channels. The programs were of olden days, however.


Working TV



The Particle Doodle:

The Google logo consisted of small balls or particles. They are set in the shape of GOOGLE and as soon as the cursor goes near them, they fly away and spread on the whole page. It is a very interesting and playful logo.

Flying Particles

Jules Verne Logo:

A submarine style doodle was made. The OO of Google seems like two portholes which see out of the submarine. The outside view is of beautiful sea and seafloor. Using the lever, one can go upward to see the sunlight and go downward to touch the floor of the sea.

Les Paul remembered!

The Earth Day:

A beautiful scene is made around the Google Logo. It has the effect of a jungle. There is a waterfall and a rivulet. Clicking on the various places makes animals pop out. It is a visually attractive Logo.

Earth Day

The World’s Fair:

To celebrate the 160th anniversary of the World’s Fair, Google made a very detailed logo. It had a complete view of a fair with many activities. Bringing the cursor on the doodle zooms the doodle and the cursor becomes a magnifying glass. It is a very interesting idea indeed.

World's Fair

Christmas Logo:

A number of images were seen on the doodle. It depicted the different cultural celebrations of the event. When one brings the cursor near the pictures, they were enlarged. The logo was very engaging as it makes the people see all the enlarged images.

Christmas Logo

These are the best doodles and I am hopeful Google will feed us with more cool doodles. One can catch all the Google Doodle on



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