Download Free Windows Repair 1.1.1

| September 28, 2011

Windows Repair is an application facilitating you in a way that a damaged PC can run again by its use, so practical, say, when you just delete an obstinate malware bug and then your system looks performing poorly bad.

The tool has a tabbed interface that first lets you experience some essential simple recovery steps actually the pointers to some free antivirus tools, such as, plus buttons to test your hard drive if it is erroneous, run the System File Checker and create or restore a System Restore point then.

As like the true control now, still, click Start Repairs, go for “Custom Mode” then on clicking Start, options to reset Registry would be shown also the File permissions, re-register system files, eradicate system policies usually set by malware infection, and fix WMI, your firewall, Winsock and DNS cache, IE, Hosts file, with a lot more.

Simply try the boxes touching the repair you are going to perform and click Start and Windows Repair repairs the chosen troubles all by far.
That is fore sure the Windows Repair comprises a number of controlling options that can help you to fix all rather weird Windows problems.
Still, this tool could be a source of enough issues within itself. Thus selecting “Repair Winsock”, such as, could make the internet connection of your system in-work, although might rupture some low-level network-related function also, for example a firewall. As you reinstall these programs, it ought to find them running for a second time, however it is yet excellent to be alert, so apply the Windows Repair tweaks individually, and make sure to apply just when you know these are really require and the tool is portable.
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