Best Strategies for Increasing Web Traffic

| September 26, 2016

Producing website traffic commands a balance of two necessary objectives – large traffic volume and high quality targeted visitors. The following approaches can be achieved individually but are more productive when a well-planed and cohesive strategy is

CONTENT – Give your visitor what they want.

So you offer the same great product or service that hundreds of other Internet sites offer? Make sure your website provides an ample amount of content to substantiate the products or services you offer. Your website is not just a sales tool but a marketing tool as well. You must have an adequate amount of in-depth content to persuasively tell your story while structuring your content in a way that encourages a productive online feedback. Well-written properly formatted content that follows generally accepted standards of semantics, style and grammar will help increase your search engine rankings for your chosen keyword and for customers to locate you more effectively. Keep in mind: in our 2.0 world, Internet surfers demand to easily locate the information they need and expect it to be exhibited in their desired format. Take your audience into consideration, you might try presenting your content in a variety of formats.

ANALYSIS – Know where your traffic is strongest.

By analyzing where your web traffic comes from, you can best divert your inventiveness towards what is most successful and exclude the areas that are not. However, before you begin making alterations, first analyze what areas of traffic are generating the most profitable buyers, followers or other forms of valuable traffic. You might realize that some traffic origins are not wealthy producers. A meticulous analysis of your websites statistics will inform you. As a side note, it never hurts to analyze your competition also, as long as your analyzing competitors that are doing well. See what makes them successful in their filed and why their followers find them interesting.

RESEARCH – Analyze your audience.

Research is a key ingredient in any effective marketing campaign. By understanding the different groups that are attracted to your website, your better able to respond to their individual needs. A great deal of data can be acquired by analyzing your Google analytics but a rich source of information can be obtained in the form of online surveys. The point is to improve your usefulness to your clientele by understanding what each person wants – then give it to them.

SEO – Optimize what you already have.

Website are useless without content. Web marketing is all about diverting potential customers to your content! If your site already provides customers with the information they’ve been looking for, then it’s time to build further web traffic by manipulating your search engine rankings through Optimization or (SEO), this is especially true if you have a new website.

Likely your website already ranks well for a variety of your targeted search terms in organic search engine rankings. It’s important that you realize that dozens of factors such as inbound links, content structure, keyword density, etc., have an impact on your website. By further tweaking these areas, the more likely you are at improving your positioning for numerous search terms. Always strive to position your self at the top for content and keywords that are relevant to what Internet surfers are searching for.

ADVERTISING – don’t throw your money out the door.

Advertising is a rewarding way to link with individual groups that are actively searching online for products and services your offering. Depending on the keywords your competing for, advertising has the ability to be productive and affordable.

It’s important to “look out side of the box,” and explore secondary keywords or phrases relevant to your niche to maximize your target visitors, your likely to uncover a vast array of potential customers by focusing your efforts on unusual but relevant search terms. These unusual keywords or phrases can be a great way of contributing to impulse purchases. It’s advisable to experiment with different keyword campaigns for effectiveness and eliminate those that have no positive effect.

Another cost effective and highly profitable way of advertising your business is through video streaming or video marketing. If your not applying these methods of advertising, your loosing big-time money!

INBOUND LINKS – Build quality over quantity.

Inbound links play a huge and positive role for your website, and provides a supplementary source for web traffic. In the eyes of search engines such as Google, links also provide a valuable endorsement to your search engine positioning and to your content. Search engines such as Google evaluate and asses the quality and number of inbound links to determine the worth and positioning of your website. While most Webmasters would think more is better, it’s actually the number of quality links that has the biggest effect. When quality sites link to your pages, search engines assume your site offers quality and valuable content.

ARTICLE MARKETING – Let your site be known.

There are huge advantages of article marketing. Article marketing is the practice of writing an article and then publish it to quality DoFollow article directory. What are some advantages? Article Marketing provides valuable knowledge, builds credibility, enhances brand awareness, increases global visibility, increases traffic with links, high search engine positioning and a host of other advantages. It’s highly recommended to research and jot down a list of Dofollow article directories, and then submit original, high quality articles. This is the single best method of generating quality inbound links to your site as well as direct traffic.

We hope you have found these strategies for increasing web traffic helpful. Remember, success is determined by your will to achieve it. While not everything is possible in life. Achieving success on the World Wide Web most certainly is.


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