All About Multi-Touch iPad Nano

| August 20, 2013

iPod Nano (6th generation) is indeed a remarkable gift from Cupertino based company.  You may hear many news regarding its style and color but today, you will explore the real and the main feature of Multi-touch Apple  iPod Nano and the feature is multi-gesture support. Yes, now this tiny beautiful iPod will react to every angle of your finger. It’s time to start exploring this amazing feature of Apple tiny music player.


  1. Rotate it with two fingers. If you want to change the menu direction from left to right or vice versa then you can rotate your fingers. Place two fingers on screen and then rotate it clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on the way you like to watch the screen. You will surprise to see  how quickly iPod nano reactsto your finger’s movements.
  2. Dragging is also possible. When you want to move the controls of scrubber bars or sliders then you can drag over them.
  3. Swipe the screen for moving to the next or previous screen of iPod nano.
  4. Icon Arrangements is very simple through touch and hold.If you want to arrange icons on home screen based on your preference. There is only need to touch an icon, which you want to arrange, and hold it for some seconds until it starts jiggling. Now drag it to your favorite place and tap on sleep/wake button to save the changes you have been made.
  5. You can touch and hold any place on screen except icon for some seconds when you have a desire to move back to home screen.
  6. Flick your finger over the screen for rolling up and down on a list. For example,you can flick the fingers for checking complete list of your music file.You can touch anywhere for stop this rolling.
  7. When you want to activate an icon then you just need to tap on it with your finger.
  8. In case you want to zoom in a picture then double tap on it. Once you have checked the detail of picture then you can double tap again for zooming it out.

It is time to buy this device and enjoy its simple and amazing multi-gesture support.


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