How To Delete Browsing History In Chrome | Delete Chrome History

| May 29, 2013

Are you tired of slow browsing or Chrome being crashed at times? Are you using a public computer and want your browsing information to be secure? Well here’s a list of quick steps for how to delete your browsing history in Google Chrome. Deleting history in Google Chrome is same for Windows and Mac.

Before we continue with explaining on how to delete browsing history in Google Chrome , let us share a useful tip to avoid any browsing history being accumulated at the first instance. When you launch Chrome, it automatically opens in a regular mode which saves all your data and browsing history.

To avoid all this, right click on the Google Chrome application icon and select “New Incognito Window”. This selection takes you to a window where by default Google Chrome does not store any browsing history. However, if one has selected and check boxes to automatically save password and data on forms, Incognito Window will store information once browsing is done in that mode.

To permanently delete your browsing history in Google Chrome, follow the simple steps that let you delete your Chrome browsing history.

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome

Step 2: In your browser window, click on the  button on the Chrome menu bar. You can see this button on the top right corner of your browser.

Step 3: As you click the button, you will get a drop-down menu. Select “tools” option

Step 4: Once you select the “tools” option, it will open a side menu. From that menu, select “clear browsing data” option. You may also see that Chrome shows you a keyboard shortcut to delete entire browsing history. So next time, you can just use the shortcut keys to delete your entire browsing history.

By performing the aforementioned steps, you have now successfully deleted your entire browsing history for Google Chrome. You can also check if your were successful in doing so by clicking on the same  at the top right corner of your Chrome browser window. In the drop down menu option, you will see the “history” option. When you click it, there should be no pages or links at all if the history is clear.

Last but the not the least, if can delete custom history for your Google Chrome browser. You can clear, specific items from your browsing history, you can clear data from your address bar, and you can clear browsing history of a new tab.



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