5 Things Companies Should Avoid On Social Media

| May 27, 2013

Without an audience, there is no show. Having said that, companies regardless of their industry, need to be very particular when it comes to engagement on social media with their (target) audience. Here’s a list of top 5 things companies should strictly avoid on every social space.

We have witnessed past stories of how successful and famous companies/businesses had to face a sudden meltdown due to their unplanned and unprofessional campaigns on social media. A recent example of Amy’s baking company burnout on Facebook has revealed several lessons to be learned for other businesses in the industry. With that example, we’ve had our own analysis prepped up top 5 most important things companies should always avoid on social media.


1. Think twice, thrice, a hundred times before you speak – (Don’t react right away)

There are times when you get flared up through a comment or a discussion triggered with an intention to get your attention. But such situation does not require an immediate response and one should never do so. Once you read the comment, it is highly predictable that your response reflects your fuming. Re-group your thoughts, have a brief discussion with your colleagues, organise, draft your response and then post it.

2. Keep Calm and Stay Classy – (Don’t reply to everyone)

The biggest mistake you could do is to reply to every comment/thread/request. Yes we do agree its nice to engage with your audience, but at the same time, it is extremely important to create and maintain a perfect communication/engagement balance between business and audience. Responding to every request is like answering every cold call showing you are interested. Let your social media game plan and objectives take over the audience rather the other way round.

3. Ignorance is a bliss – (Never insult anyone)

Why care for some stupid comment or waste time dealing with a ‘less-sane’ individual? Once you take out your rage, the masses unites (that’s kind of a rule of thumb – “we against them”). Never insult or be rude to anyone as it only gives a flag to raise for people who already are or intending to plot against you.

4. Honesty is the best policy – (Don’t ever lie)

It has a become a norm to exaggerate in a competitive environment. We say take the alternate route. When you communicate on social media, your message is likely to spread faster and further than any other source. So better stop exaggerating about yourself or what you do and instead add value in your message.

5. You are the only firefighter for your fire – (Avoid trolls)

Most of the people who comment on different social media forums like Reddit or Facebook, want to prove they’re right. So the best response to them is “Okay, you’re right, but I’m not wrong either”. Once you go against them, it only adds fuel to the fire they are trying to light up. Avoid responding to boiling statements, things only get dragged once you do.



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