How To Backup iPhone Data

| May 24, 2013

Five years ago, the iPhone was introduced as the newest and most advanced mobile phone ever developed and has changed extremely the manner in which we speak to our friends or loved ones and do business today. Many things improved since then; but, the basic restrictions enforced by Apple against backing up of files to computer are here to stay.

Are you finding ways to  back up my iPhone data on desktop computers or laptops?

With the introduction of iCould, it is much simpler to do my iPhone backup, especially contacts, between several devices using Apple’s effective servers. But what if you want to make a safe offline backup of your file list stored away from third company servers? Is it possible for you to backup iPhone data directly to your computers?

Actually, it is not that simple at first because there are several apps that promise to do an iPhone data transfer and backup. iTunes can be used to sync iPhone contacts to your Windows contacts. If your library was not synced with your iPhone before, you run the risk of your music being wiped away from iTunes.

Lately, there are 3 effective party programs that can help manage my backup files, especially contacts, to a new location like a folder on your computer.

First is CopyTrans Contacts. You need to have a Windows PC to use this. If you are using Mac or do not like to use a computer as an intermediary to back up your files, you may choose other options below. Connect your mobile phone to your computer after which your contacts and other data will appear.

You just need to choose your contacts or files from the program window and drag then drop them to a new folder on your PC. You can later use these files and save them again to your iPhone.

My Contacts Backup would be another good option. Your old iPhone contacts to your account from where you can recuperate them on your new iPhone. It will upload your files or data from different social and web accounts to their servers and present all data joined within their app made to make your iPhone work.

Google sync can also help you back up your online files. If you do not have a Google account, you can readily open one. Google sync is very much easy to set up on your iPhone and will sync your files.

For others who would want to shun iTunes sync, the fastest mode is to utilize Google Sync straight on their iPhone. To complete this task, just install an Exchange account by clicking Settings then Mail, Contacts, Calendar. Proceed to Add Account then Microsoft Exchange.


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