How to Connect MacBook to TV Screen

| May 23, 2013

Many are having difficulties when it comes to connecting a MacBook to a TV screen. But the secret is only to the use of right adapters and cables to successfully connect it. Another thing you must consider is the TV model, because sometimes you may have to adjust manually some settings in the MacBook Video.

Before everything you must check all the cables and ports that you need for a MacBook. But today, most of recent MacBooks are using DVI port or maybe a mini-DVI port. Of course not only the MacBook’s ports should be examined. The TV’s ports also where you will connect your MacBook should be examined in order to know the cables you need. However, many of today’s HD TVs have an HDMI port.

Now we go to the main topic on how to connect a MacBook to a TV screen, specifically Mac DVI to HDMI port of the TV. Find the cable that is compatible with your TV’s HDMI port to your Mac’s DVI port. Usually you need an HDMI adapter to allow the HDMI cable to connect to the MacBook.

You already connected the video-ports. The problem now is how you would connect the sound-ports. Even though the HDMI port of your TV is made to receive both video and sound, it may not receive sound from the MacBook because the MacBook’s video-port is only for video.

Actually, you have a variety of choices on how you will connect audio ports. One of which is the use of headphone ports and a dual RCA adapter cable. Attach the dual RCA adapter cable to a headphone port of your MacBook then connect the other ends of the cable to the audio ports of the TV.

After you have done all of this all you need now is a little change in the settings of the TV and MacBook. For the TVs settings, go to the menu and then change the input to HDMI, S-Video or VGA, depending on what you use and wait for a while until you see that the display on the screen of the MacBook is already in the TV.

If you do the other step and nothing appears or something is wrong, change the settings of the MacBook by selecting Apple Menu. From there, click System Preferences and then click Display. You can also select Mirror to show the whole content of the MacBook to the TV screen.


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