How To Restore Windows 7 From Windows 8

| May 22, 2013

Many computer users quite know a bit in terms of any system changes in the computer. But if you are not that so techie, you cannot handle some challenging problems about some system operations even though you use all of your knowledge to figure out how. An example of this is restoring Windows 7 from backup, from Windows 8. Here are procedures on how you will easily manage to do that.

First, I will discuss, what is Windows 8? Windows 8 is a program that is still uncompleted. Once you have installed the program, you cannot uninstall it anymore. Not only that. Being an incomplete program means it is unstable. You can be pretty sure that you can encounter many problems most of the time. Definitely, it is more appropriate to be used by experienced computer or laptop users.

In restoring Windows 7, users have two ways to do it: it is either manually or automatically. But the very important thing that you should always keep in mind before doing any actions, always make a backup for your files.

If you do not know how to create a Windows backup and restore, here are procedures of it.

To create restore Windows 7 backup, first right click “Local drive” in “Computer” and select “Properties”. From there you will see a lot of tabs. Just click “Tools” and then near the bottom you will see “Back up now…”. After you click it, find the link “Set up backup” and click it.

Your computer will find an appropriate location to where it will store the backup or if you may be the one to choose to where you would like to put your Windows backup and restore. After finding a location, your computer could be the one to select files that it wants to create backup or if you like, you would be the one to select the files.

After selecting the location and files, a new tab will appear and will present to you the details of what it will backups will be created. Be sure to check everything if they are correct. If you think everything is okay, save and wait until the backup is completed.

If you completed the backup, you can now be able to restore windows 7 from backup. But be sure when you are selecting the files and destinations that will be given backups, select the destination where your Windows folder is there.



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