Top 10 Highest Paying Google Adsense Alternatives

| May 21, 2013

If you’ve had enough with Google Adsense or want to find another source for some reason, here’s a list of top 10 highest paying Google Adsense alternatives.

  • Infolinks

This Adsense alternative is very famous today, knowing that it is one of the Adsense alternatives that really pay you a very high amount. Not only that, they also use text in showing their ads. Just remember, before you want to become part of it, be sure your blog contains enough contents for every page it has.


  • Chitika

Chitika today is becoming one of the top most admired when it comes to Mobile sectors, Local sectors and Search sectors. Being a nice data analytics and a massive online Ad system, it serves amazingly over 4 billion Ads per month! Yes, it is truly a great Google Adsense alternative.


  • Bidvertiser

When it comes to serving every work of publishers, Bidvertiser really does it very well and you can never imagine it until you try it. The Adsense alternative is great because for every click the publisher gets on his or her website the Google Adsense alternative pays for it.

  • Clicksor

If you are just new in the world of Ads, this alternative for Adsense is for you! Why? It is because you can be approved by Clicksor even though your blog is only a day old.



This alternative for Adsense works better compared to some pay per click systems because it uses direct banner advertisement method. If you want to be part of the BSA, just be sure your blog is already working well.



If Google Adsense doesn’t do best on your site, you can try Qadabra as a Google Adsense alternative. You easily be approved by the company because they are not that strict when it comes to choosing publishers. It is truly best for beginners.



If you seek to earn more money online and you have a text-based website, this alternative for Adsense really suits you! Just avoid placing large wallpapers on your site.


  • Yahoo & Bing Ads (

Partnership of Yahoo and Bing is really great when it comes to creating an alternative for Adsense. The is a pay per click system and many are really using it today because of its greatness.


  • Kontera

Kontera is a pay per click system that is also text-based. It is free and really loved by many. Just keep in mind that the stuffs in your blog should be text contents.


  • AdBrite

It is one of best admired Google Adsense alternatives because it is simple to use and free. Its chief goal is to use banner ads on your blog or website in order for them to sell ads.


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