Top 10 Most Popular Search Keywords for Google in 2012

| May 16, 2013

Let’s take a quick round-up for the most search keywords in Google for the year 2012. Now this search is based on search queries received from all over the world. Have look at the top 10 most popular search keywords for Google in the year 2012.


  • Whitney Houston

She became the top list of the most popular keywords in Google when the media announced that she died. Knowing that she was a very famous recording artist, producer, model and actress many are really want to know why she left the world.

  • Gangnam Style

It is one of the top search keyword after becoming a hit in the world of music and entertainment! Psy is the Korean pop who makes famous this song. In fact, during the 21st of December 2012, the views of it on YouTube reached stunningly up to 1,000,000,000 views! It is the only video on YouTube that reach that kind of views.

  • Hurricane Sandy

It really became one of the popular search keywords during the year of 2012. This storm is said to be the most devastating tropical typhoon in 2012. Not only that! In the history of destructive hurricanes in the United States, it is the 2nd costliest typhoon that visited the US.

  • iPad 3

Everyone is really excited to know every facts and information about the 3rd generation of iPad. The tablet computer is well-improved from its 2nd generation. There are in fact many changes in its processors, chips, audio and video quality. That is why it is one of the top search keywords of 2012.

  • iPhone 5

Just like the iPad 3rd generation, when this phone was released during the year 2012, a lot of users of iPhone want to know what’s new and what to expect in this amazing gadget.

  • Diablo III

The game Diablo is really one of the games that is loved by many gamers. After the release of Diablo III back in 2012 by the Blizzard Entertainments, it became the fastest selling RPG for PC! Many game addicts are enticed on what new amazing features the game has. There was no doubt it became one of the popular search keywords in the year 2012.

  • Kate Middleton

During the wedding of Catherine Middleton and Prince William, many fans of them are so happy. Their fans really kept an eye in their relationship and they monitored the couple. By the time Kate Middleton has been already pregnant, in the year of 2012, her name become at the top search keywords of that year.

  • Amanda Todd

Many are affected on the miserable story of this girl. Before she committed suicide, Amanda used YouTube to express her feelings. She posted a video there wherein she told the things she suffers. These include being bullied, being blackmailed and harsher is that she is physically assaulted. It is really depressing that many of us are experiencing this kind of cruelty and that is why her name is one of the most popular keywords in 2012.

  • Michael Clarke Duncan

This fascinating man is known to many because he is not only a bodyguard of famous celebrities but he is also an actor. On the 3rd of September, this well-known guy died and many really want to know what happen to the amazing Michael Clarke Duncan. That is why his name is one of the popular search keywords after his death.

  • Jeremy Lin

Being one of the NBA superstars of the Houston Rockets in 2012, his name is loved by his many fans and it became a popular search keyword. He managed to create amazing plays and give a great help for the Houston Rockets to win every game.


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