How to Use an iPad as Track Pad

| May 15, 2013

Bid farewell to your external mouse, because now you can enjoy your iPad as track pad. Apple’s Magic Track Pad measures around 5.2 square inches and amazingly, you are allowed to zoom in and out with a pinch or extension of at least two fingers.


You can likewise swipe three or more fingers to the other side to move forward or back pages while browsing using Safari. And unlike the external, bulky mouse the whole pad is very much responsive not only on a specific area.

You can click any direction anywhere and you will be on your way easily. But of course, there will always be exceptions. Some will find it quite hard to use this, particularly those who do art works that requires the creation of fine lines. Maybe the only advantage of this gadget for them is its style and handiness.

How can you successfully turn your iPad into a TrackPad?

First is to connect it to your Mac. After doing all the necessary in-app set-up instructions made for TouchPad, you need to connect to your Mac by choosing it in the server connection list that can be seen after tapping on the gear icon located on the top most right area of the monitor screen.

Next, you will have to control your Mac device with multi-touch ease. The big TrackPad given by app of this innovative gadget is way bigger than the Magic TrackPad of Apple. After establishing a fruitful connection, you will be given the opportunity to take full control of your Mac’s cursors by just dragging a single finger on the TrackPad area of the iPad application. To do the right click, tap using two fingers. You can likewise use Multi-Touch actions and two-finger actions such as scrolling.

Lastly, you will have to limit your media console. With the use of specialized media controls, you can control your favorite media console app on your Apple device. If you have a Mac Set up as a media center, you will surely appreciate the joy of being able to control your Mac and media-viewing experience using your iPad. Regardless of whether you pick to use Hulu, Front Row, or Boxee, you can control these and several other media apps right from within TouchPad. To complete this, tap the play or the pause button found in the toolbar, and then tap on the button called FrontRow to change the app it works on.


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