Facebook to unveil an upgraded newsfeed

| March 3, 2013

Facebook is trying to facilitate the mobile users as well as computer users at an equal level yet some believe that Facebook’s mobile newsfeed is lacking a lot of features and facilities. Considering the need of an upgrade to newsfeed, they company has decided to revamp key elements of their social network to cater to the needs of both mobile and PC users.
Facebook newsfeed
Facebook will unveil all the changes that it has thought to make in its popular newsfeed this week, most probably. And the company has also given confirmation about it in an emailed invitation to the reporters of Zahipoint.
The media presentation of Facebook is going to be second more popular product event of 2013, following the announcement of a social feature that it has already made in January of this year.
What’s Facebook’s newsfeed? I hope you know the answer- it is a kind of display where you interact with your friends and social networks; share and explore photos, watch and share videos and search for people and friends. Now this profile utility is going to be changed so that you can have more fun in the network. This specifically change will actually cater to the needs of those users who are using Facebook on their mobile phones and handy devices, and who think that mobile version seriously lacks easiness which they enjoy on their computers.
The last major update regarding the newsfeed upgrade was heard in September 2011; unfortunately, it didn’t bring off. Now the company has integrated ads directly into the feed and is trying to improve the Facebook mobile experiences as more users use the social network on their cells rather than computer or laptop.


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