ZTE is launching two new phones in the Android market

| February 26, 2013

ZTE has decided to jump in the sea of android market and is on the verge of releasing two powerful mobile phones which are not only different but also advanced in their features. The first phone is ZTE Grand Memo with a screen of 5.7” in the size, a super-power android version that will change the definition of the term android that we know. The second mobile phone is integrated with Snapdragon 800 chipset, an open phone, with basic Firefox operating system.

The ZTE Grand Memo:

The ZTE Grand Memo has got a big display which is 5.7” and is diagonal in the structure; however, a trove of disappointment about this phone is the resolution of the display which is no more than 720p. Having a phone with only 258ppi isn’t just against the rule nor it sounds like a bad idea but it could have been better than it.  There were a lot of rumors about the phone and major was relating to the pixel density and a lot of people said that it would have a screen of 1080p but to our much displeasure it is just 720p. The ZTE Grand Memo has a long lasting 3,200mAh battery inside it and we should be thankful to the designer of the phone who adjusted such a huge battery inside a phone that’s only 8.5mm thick. With a 13 mega pixel camera, the phone can capture good quality videos with 1080pixels.  For connectivity, the phone has all the latest specs, including Wi-fi and LTE cat 3.

Grand Memo ZTE

The ZTE Open:

With 3.2 mega pixel camera and a display of 3.5 HVGA, The ZTE Open is a quite simple phone with no extraordinary design. It has an ordinary 1GHz core processor and memory of 256MB. It also has a Firefox operating system and it’s the only attractive feature about the phone.

Though the ZTE Open isn’t an advanced phone yet it is likely to compete with phones that operate with android operating system. Some other features of the phone include Wi-Fi connection, and Bluetooth.

zte open


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