Nokia Lumia 520 Has Got Crunchy Features and Attractive design

| February 26, 2013

Long awaited Nokia Lumia 520 has been finally launched by Nokia yesterday and now it will soon get in all local markets of the United States. Resources have confirmed that this latest Window Phone 8 will be sold with the name of Nokia Lumia 521 by T-mobile and other companies. With interesting design, bright colors, and useful features, Nokia Lumia 520 will definitely set the stage on fire because it is offering more than what we expected from it such as 512 MB of memory, long talking and standby time, powerful dual core processor, interactive connectivity facilities, 8GB of expandable storage, a 5 mega pixel camera and much more.

Nokia Lumia Windows 8 operating system

Contradictions about Nokia Lumia 520: The phone is indeed one of the cheapest Window Phone 8 of the 21 century yet there are a lot of rumors floating about it in the air concerning its design and features. Some tech savvy people are claiming that Nokia Lumia 520 isn’t different in features from some of the old versions that Nokia has already launched while some believe that the design of the phone has a deep resemblance with HTC 8X. What do you think? I think this window phone is quite smart, colorful, and edgy that no other phone can even get close to it in terms of design as it’s the best of all.

Display: Of all cool design factors, the most eye-candid and heart touching is the display of Nokia Lumia 520 due to the fact that it is made of 2D hardened glass and is so much responsive for the finger touch that you might need to use gloves in order to play with it.

Weight: The phone weight around 124grams and has a volume thickness of 119.9 x 64 x 9.9 mm. It may be seen like a giant four-edged phone with a big display but it very light-weight and easy to hold.

Colors: Nokia Lumia 520 is available in many different colors such as yellow, black, white, blue, red, and cyan. Pick your color and have fun with it. Nokia could have launched a pink color, too, for school girls, maybe other colors are added by the company in future.

Design flaw: The only premeditated design flaw in the phone is that it is lacking a front camera like some cutting-edge new mobile phone models that have launched this month. Well, it’s nothing against the rule to have only one cam on your computer but more is always appreciated when it comes to the usability of little piece of hardware which we call phone.

Budget friendly: The most practical thing about Nokia Lumia 520 is the price. It is budget friendly and very economical even it is packed with all up-to-date features, games, and applications that one wants to have on a quality phone. You can keep your little Window Phone 8 in your pocket, be sure to wrap it up with a soft care first, and take it anywhere with ease!


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