New Sony’s Smartphones will have Mozilla’s Firefox OS

| February 26, 2013

It seems that a lot of smart phones manufactures are considering integrating Mozilla’s Firefox OS in the new phones these days. ZTE has already launched a phone ‘ZTE Open’ which is powered with a Mozilla’s Firefox operating system and now there is news that Sony has planed to launch a new phone with Firefox OS in the future.

When many famous mobile phone companies are racing against each other how can LG set back? The company will use this operating system as well during the production of new cell phones.

mozzila firefox

Sony has requested the designer of Firefox to share a sample of HTML 5 so that its engineer can start work on the project and shape it up before the next year.  In an announcement, Telefonica has confirmed that Sony is working on its two latest smart phones models which are Xperia Z and Xperia Tablet Z and that their promotion will be done by Telefonica itself within the targeted market places as well as round the globe. The resources also confirmed that both phones will have a running Firefox as a major operating system.

The engineers of Sony are already working on the Firefox operating system and HTML 5 with the aim to make a successful launch of high-powered mobile phones by the next year. Let’s see if the get successful or not.



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