Samsung Galaxy SIII Review

| February 18, 2013

Sexy body, sleek back, artistic finish- Samsung Galaxy SIII isn’t far less attractive than a fashion model of the 21st century. I have seen that all bloggers have presented their reviews on Samsung Galaxy SIII but none has praised about the beautiful design that it has got. It is because we are not getting used to using those cutting-edge features that would fill up with amusement and excitement, once.

Review Samsung Galaxy SIIIThe phone has got a big body which weight nearly 109 grams.  The sheath, however, seems to be a little cheap since it is made of plastic.  There isn’t shortage of expensive phone covers on the market so a costly-case with a couple of bead work and craft can definitely add in the elegance of the android phone.

I admit that the body of Samsung Galaxy SIII is too big to adjust in a pant’s pocket yet you can take it along either in a separate leather suitcase or cover whatever is comfortable for you.

It is very unfair the design of the phone just because you can’t manage to figure out a way to handle it perfectly. Though, it is too big to adjust in a hand yet it solves all the problems of connectivity and other features that you don’t usually get on an ordinary android mobile phone.

Having a Samsung Galaxy SIII is just like getting an all-in-one mobile phone since it works closely to Galaxy Tablets and is encompassed with all those features that you find in only high-end phones. Could you be able to get a combination of tablet and mobile phone ever in your life if Samsung hadn’t launched this version yet? The answer shouldn’t be fair enough. We shouldn’t mind compromising on the design considering that we are getting more than we had expected from an android cell phone.


The phone is available in the market for a while now- there was only just color for the buyer and it was plain white. Now you can choose from different colors- if you are really like buying black phones, you can go for the black shade. I personally like the white one as it looks so much sophisticated and decent that I can’t help touching my phone.


New Samsung Galaxy SIII has also been given an energy boost as well as it is integrated with other hosts of goodies.  Though we have seen a lot of applications and games being developed and sold at the market, but we still have to discover a lot more things in the upcoming days.  Those who use this android phone will definitely agree that it has got a very responsive QUERTY keyboard as well as fast navigation system. Here you click an icon and there you are ready to enter in the zone of unlimited entertainment. As compared to new iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy SIII is more attractive, fast, and quick in executing the command, the only flaw in the beauty is larger display that’s it.



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