Samsung Galaxy Note vs. Samsung Galaxy S III; Which one to consider?

| January 25, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note has been the market front-runner for the series of Samsung’s Galaxy line even after many months after Samsung Galaxy S III got launched.

Main distinguished feature in this mobile phone was having a bigger display screen as compared to the other smartphones. With the launch of new series of Samsung Galaxy known as Samsung Galaxy S III, people have become confused which smartphone should they buy especially where there is availability of Samsung Galaxy Note along with Galaxy S III. As, there are millions of features which are known to be best in both these phones, the question rises here is that which phone should be given more preference.

When the designs of these two phones are considered, it can be seen clearly that there is a big difference in the design layouts of both phones which lies in the texture. The new Samsung Galaxy S III is smooth and bit shiny whereas Samsung Galaxy Note is matte and the back side is not much smooth. Apart from this, Samsung Galaxy S III is having rounded corners and whereas Samsung Galaxy Note is having appearance just like of Samsung Galaxy S2. However, if someone is in the business then he should prefer Samsung Galaxy Note because its looks are of business type, whereas Samsung Galaxy S III is more users friendly and can be handled in a comfortable manner.

When it comes to the display screen, Samsung Galaxy Note is much bigger as compared to Samsung Galaxy S III. But even with having a smaller screen, one cannot say that Samsung Galaxy S III should not be bought by people just because of its small screen. Both the screens are having good quality touch feature along with Super AMOLED screen. When it comes to watching movies and games, more preference should be given to Samsung Galaxy Note. Hence, when it comes to the display screen, Samsung Galaxy Notes trespasses the standard of Samsung Galaxy S III. It should be noted here that Samsung Galaxy S III is having brighter screen with impressive viewing angle. All these factors may help the consumers to make the better decision which smartphone to buy.


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