Samsung has finally revealed computers which run on Windows 8

| January 20, 2013

Samsung Electronics in South Korea has finally revealed notebook computers which can run on Windows 8 which basically use Microsoft’s much-awaited novel operating system.

The company of Samsung has also launched and showcased various products which mainly include the Series 5 Hybrid which can be considered as a merger of laptop and tablet. Not only this, the bond between Samsung and Microsoft is been increasing day by day and the proof can be seen with the launch of Windows 8 recently.

According to the recent survey, Samsung has over passed Amazon in terms of success in the first three months of the 2012 and has taken second position in global market particularly for the sales of tablets.

Windows 8 has been advertised as Microsoft’s most awaited comeback to give the rise of Apple other mobile phones operated by Google’s Android operating systems. According to various reports, it will get launch in October of this year. Also according to the chief executive of Microsoft Steve Ballmer; “Windows 8 will be supporting broader range of devices and appliances which includes all kinds of smartphones and tablets, along with the laptops and PC’s as well.” With this, Samsung has grabbed the second position with target of 1.1 million shipments reported by ABI recently.


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