LG 84 inch Ultra Definition LCD TV

| January 9, 2013

“There is something in the pipeline” courtesy LG, and that something is the ultra definition 84 inch 4k LCD television screen by LG.

Unfortunately, LG could not launch their new market entry, the LG 84 inch ultra definition LCD screen this year, but they sure have concrete plans to do so in CES 2012. Not only that, LG also plans to launch the 55 inch OLED screen along the 84 inch (3840×2160) screen. The new LG 84 inch UD screen has all the built in features of LG’s 3D cinema and smart TV options including a support for Magic Motion and Voice Control.

If we compare the upcoming launch with a projector system by any company, we do observe that LG’s 84 inch Ultra Definition screen is far better than any other projection offer. However, there is no official word by LG as to how much will they be charging a tag to their upcoming edition.


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