How To Automate Dropbox

| January 7, 2013

Life is a lot easy when tasks are done automatically. Keeping this theorem in regard, Dropbox brings the facility to automate your tasks and execute them without you sending in commands.

As we know there a number of tools and applications on the internet that automate the basic and most important computing task that occur in our daily life. A few of them are done with in no time while for others, we do need to buy some time. By Dropbox auto mater you can not only save time, but also enjoy the the cloud storage experience.

The dropbox auto mater analysis a specific allocated folder for uploads. You can choose this option to automate your Dropbox. Once you do so, any file you upload will be automatically converted into different document formats for you to access it. Not only this, in case of a picture, the Dropbox automater will convert it’s format in to different picture formats available and show different re-sizing options.

It will also generate a social network link such as that of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or MySpace for you to share files on a social network. Dropbox automation surely has reduced work load on a lot of individuals and made file sharing a lot easy.


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