Internet Speed Test

| January 6, 2013

We might not be able to tell you some tips and tricks to enhance your internet speed, but surely can help you find out your internet connection’s performance.

There are a number of internet speed tests online that let you know your download speed and upload speed, but to really test your internet speed, log on to It not only shows you the results regarding your download and upload speed, but also shows weather you are delivered the internet speed promised by your internet service provider or not (according to your package).

The best part about is that you do not need to log in, sign up or create an account to check your internet speed. You simply have to visit their site and the first thing it will do, will be the process of identifying your ISP. It will also identify your location and let you know your ping speed.

Not only this, through you can compare your result with respect to your internet plan with other internet service providers. Also you can share your internet speed test results on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Check your internet speed now and see are you really getting the speed that you have been promised by your ISP?


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