Enjoy non-stop music with iPod Nano

| August 12, 2012

Multi-touch iPod Nano is a device that allows the users to grab the fun and entertainment wherever he wants. This iDevice from the house of Apple is designed to make your every moment more refreshing than before. You can enjoy latest songs of your favorite music stars not only at home but also during a walk or traveling. In order to add comfort into your life, Apple has decreased the length of iPod but it doesn’t mean that fun will minimize. You can even have more opportunities of excitement and fun with this compact 21.1 grams device. You will never feel any burden in your pocket or bag as iPod nano comes with light weight and heavy features.

iPod Nano

What is Different into iPod Nano Multi-touch?

Here are three main features which turn this iDevice into a special on-the-go entertainment hub.

Rocking Design: It is a fact that we all remain concerned about the design and style of our devices and without any doubt, iPod Nano is blessed with a nice and eye-catching design. This idevice perfectly fits your finger. You will feel easy to tap or swipe onto it. Its very light and therefore, it would be quite easy for you to keep it with your everywhere and all the time.

Songs and Radio: iPod Nano Multi-touch brings double fun ways for you; first is songs in the music player and second is FM Radio. You can listen up the music not only from the FM Radio but also from your favorite player.

Multi-Touch: Every icon on the screen is quite big thus makes it simple for you to tap on it. You can swipe up and down to pick the song of your choice. Use your two fingers and rotate the screen whenever you want. In case you want to see a picture from the closet level then just double tap on the picture and zooming will be happened.

So, go and get your Multi-Touch iPod Nano right now; price starts from $129.


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