How to reveal the hidden activities in PC?

| June 9, 2012

Sometimes, many techniques usually being used by the people to hide the content which they want to while using their Windows by using some tricks in order to complete the encryption in operating system. The most foremost reason to hide or set the encryption is to secure the PC from any kind of malware or viruses.

A major concern here is that how a person can tell that who has modified or added some file to the computer? However an easiest option is to open up the Windows Explorer in an account with Administrator rights in the system. Now click ‘Organize’ then click the ‘View’ tab and in the advanced settings, make sure that the ‘Show hidden files, folders and drives’ is being selected. In the end, click OK. Then click search box in Windows Explorer. This will reveals all the data being modified in the earlier days. Click one of these file and press the button of Enter. All the files being modified and hidden files will appear in front of you.


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