Did Steve Jobs designed model of iPhone 5?

| June 6, 2012

Apple is having a registered iPhone5.com domain name. But according to amid rumors the next model of the liquid metal smartphone is considered to be the final model that is designed by the late Steve Jobs. The tech giant has also filed a case with the World Intellectual Property Organization to wrest and grab the control of the internet address of this latest phone, which had been basically used by an Apple fan forum website.

There are also rumors that the iPhone 5 will get launched into this autumn, with a major overhaul and latest renovation of its design over seen by Mr. Jobs just before his death. Bloomberg has recently cited a source known as ‘with knowledge of the plans’ which covers the news of new version of iPhone and it stated that Mr. Steve played a vital role in designing this version while he was even on the medical leave from company. By then, the company also decided to set the bigger screens in latest versions of IPhone to compete with the rival of Samsung as it overtook the Apple in the first quarter of the year and it sold 45 million smartphones. It is also a major supplier of the US computer, tablet apart from the mobile phones.

As consumers are becoming more and more comfortable and addicted at the same time for using smartphones for the tasks they used to perform on their PC’s and laptops the smartphones are becoming intend to manufacture phones with the bigger screens. A likely shakeup and a bit change in the design of a larger-screen iPhone will be able to capture the users of other rivals also.

According to the report published in March by a South Korea business newspaper: “Apple will use a ‘retina’ display on the next version of iPhone which is the same technology it has used in the latest version of its iPad which has enhanced the quality of image.”

Mickey Drexler who is the CEO of J.Crew and also a member of Apple’s board has told Business Insider recently in this week: “Mr Jobs’s ‘dream’ was basically to design an ‘iCar’ just before his death and his plan was to design such an automobile that would capture 50 per cent of the market.”



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