Windows 8 Release Preview

| June 5, 2012

Just as predicted, after a Microsoft blog unintentionally announced the date of Release Preview for Windows 8 will going to be available in fourteen different languages. But there is no specific date for its availability due to which Microsoft recommends to buy Windows 7 PC in an upgraded form.

However, further details, along with the pricing strategies for the upgrading purpose especially in U.K. along with 130 other countries, will get announced on 1st June 2012, but the U.S. upgrade price has been announced to be of $14.99.

Number of advancements and improvements has been made in windows 8 version as a result of response from the feedbacks of customers. Although the Start button in the new version has been removed, rather more ways have been developed to personalize the Start screen. It also enables to work on multiple numbers of monitors at a time for example one can view and snap through the Metro application on more than one screen now.

Some of the other improvements includes that Microsoft will be providing new version of upgraded Metro apps included; Bing Travel, News and Sports applications, Gaming and Music Xbox apps, Photos and consumer preview apps.

Not only this, there will be more upcoming latest versions of the apps especially for Windows Store created by commercial software creators which the Microsoft will be operating to inspire newer inventors to join this project in future.

In the Release Preview of Microsoft, Internet Explorer 10 has introduces two new features as well. Unlike Chrome, IE 10 will be having a feature in which it will pre-load few pages as people will visit the Web sites, so that when they would move forward to the first page then the next desired page will get open quickly. Microsoft has given this feature a name of Flip-Ahead and has been designed specifically for touch purpose. In addition to the various Tracking Protection Lists, people can now block the cookies as well. There have been other rumors that IE 10 will be having a built-in Flash player especially for the Microsoft-approved list of websites. This means that the websites like YouTube will be having a Flash and hence, the videos now work in a better way rather than swapping to the desktop IE 10. These features will be enabled in Windows 8 version of Internet Explorer, but Microsoft has ensured that the users of Windows RT will not be ignored due to its launch.



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