Scope of You Tube in May 2012; who needs a customer?

| June 5, 2012

Over the last few years, YouTube mobile has improved a web site of and it has become much better than before due to changes in the features. But these changes have also leaded to the debatable issues whether one needs to source a dedicated YouTube client or not. Following will give you better illustration to this.

In 2008, people used to operate QVGA on their smartphones. After the acquaintance of YouTube, Google started to use You Tube client for Symbian. This got finished up at v2.4.10 in 2010, with a smart interface, modified for touch system but then Android took off and got success and the development of Google for Symbian got reduced. The reasons for the stuck up of clients are as follows:

  1. the QVGA stream got served up by the YouTube 2.4.10 application
  2. the 360p stream assisted up by the current site
  3. from the HD 720p stream served up the  Cute Tube client

The 360p stream from looks pretty crunchy. But one thing which is eminent in the news of the latest Cute Tube is much better quality which could be achieved by changing the ‘Playback’ quality to ‘720p’ and letting the phone hardware to provide the great quality down to 360p.

Cute Tube is one of the lead actors of the Symbian firmament and puts YouTube into a slippery GUI to be completed with download options, but noting that the mobile site now helps up the precise same underlying 360p .3gp video just as it does for Cute Tube in its default mode.


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