iOS: How to access the back up material

| June 5, 2012

The application of iCloud inevitably backs up the most vital data on the iOS 5 device. After enabling the Backup on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod all it needs to perform the following touch function:

Settings > iCloud > Backup & Storage,

The above function can operate on the daily basis only if the above mentioned devices are either connected to the Internet over Wi-Fi, connected to the power source and if they are screen locked. People can also have a back-up manually on the devices if they are connected to the internet through Wi-Fi by selecting the Back Up Now from following function:

Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup.

The application of iTunes can also create backups for iOS devices in the condition if it is Synced with the iTunes gets disabled and f you have iCloud backup turned on. All you need is to right-click the iOS device in the iTunes under Devices and choose the option of Back Up

In order to have the back up in by using the process of doing it manually in the iOS device using iTunes application all you need is to connect the iOS device to the computer with the latest version of iTunes installed in it and select the iOS device in iTunes under the selected Devices and then simply Right-click the particular device and in the end select the option of Back Up

iOS device backups basically reserve all the settings, the Camera Roll and other essential data also.


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