How Many Daily Downloads Does It Take in order to count into top list of The App Store?

| June 5, 2012

It is difficult to undervalue how significant is the ranking in Apple’s top 25 when it comes to the iTunes store for mobile app developers. After all, the top 25 is perhaps the single most imperative app discovery mechanism for most of the iOS users. But the question is that how many downloads does it really take to count into the top 25?

Mobile application store analytics from the firm of Distimo published some stimulating data that has answered this question. According to this data, In the U.S. stores, the number of download is 38,400 per day for free iPhone apps and 3,530 for paid iPhone apps. In order to get rank in the top 25 per category, games were unsurprisingly being the most competitive category among all. However, it takes 25,300 daily downloads to rank in the top 25 in gaming zone for free apps and 2,280 downloads for paid apps.

For free apps, other competitive and modest categories includes: ‘entertainment’ with 6,700 daily downloads, ‘social networking’ with 5,800 per day, ‘lifestyle’ with 3,900 and ‘music’ with 3,900. Remarkably, in the paid app charts photography apps ranks just behind the games and entertainment apps. Still, it only takes almost 270 daily downloads to rank in the photography category in top 25 for paid applications.

The numbers shown above will off course keeps on changing and only represents a simple snapshot of what Distimo has found when it accumulated this data last month.

Latest update had shown the data about the companies with a lot of experience in building up the mobile apps and who also currently runs a top App Store app. According to this source and data, Distimo’s numbers have reached to very low and just signify data from a comparatively small number of applications.


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