BlackBerry 7.1 updated version

| June 5, 2012

The devices which are currently working under BlackBerry 7 operating system include the Bold 9900, the Curve 9360 and the Torch 9860. Besides of many speed and solidity enhancements features, the new 7.1 software update conveys several key advancements to the user experience especially when it comes to compatible handsets.

The new NFC tag-reader app allows users to pair their handsets in order to facilitate NFC-enabled devices, like speakers, by touching the two devices together at the same time. It can also be used to share various data, such as photos, between two NFC-permitted BlackBerry’s.

Mobile Hotspot world has becomes accessible with the 7.1 updated version as well, permitting users to share 3G data with other different devices, like tablets and laptops, over a private Wi-Fi network. Owners of the Curve 9360 would be able to find that they can now listen to FM radio with their mobile phones. Deceptively, the circuitry had always been available in the phone, but it will now be active post-update as well.

The release of the 7.1 update also comes along with the news and story that the Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) has secured the BlackBerry 7 operating system in an effective way in order to use in handling sensitive government information. The DSD has rated the BlackBerry 7 operating system as safe to handle all kinds of information classified up to and counting the Protected category.

Scott Deacon who is the manager in Security Certifications for Research In Motion (RIM) recently informed ZDNet Australia that the reclassification of the BlackBerry operating system from the Restricted category to the Protected category is not a mark of the device which can basically favor and prolong agreements with the government; in fact it is a classic replication of the reclassification of security ratings.

The Australian Government Security Classification System was restructured almost 12 months ago, and have also seen the number of classification levels which have reduced from seven to four.

BlackBerry 7 has also acknowledged the permission from the Pentagon in the US and the New Zealand Federal Government, along with the software which has now rated to handle information classified up to New Zealand’s especially at the restricted level.



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