Free Cell Phones: All a Part of the Deal

| May 21, 2012

The latest high tech cell phones, like the smart phones that are used with the newest 4G technology, are expensive.  But how is it that so many people are out and about with these costly, internet browsing, music downloading, photograph-taking cell phones?  The cost is prohibitive for an average person, especially now that there is a global recession going on.  One would think that the majority of these fancy cell phone owners are at best living beyond their means or at worst, living on the knife’s edge of financial security.  So how do these people get their phones?  What’s the secret?  Are these free cell phones or something?

The secret is that yes, the phones are free.  They are free to everyone, not just a select group of hand-picked customers who are deemed “cool enough” to deserve one.  The free cell phones are a normal part of a cell phone provider’s business; in fact, free cell phones have been given away as part of package deals for several years.

However, one does not simply go into a shop and pick up a free phone from a free cell phone barrel and be off on one’s merry way; the free cell phones are always a part of a cell phone and cell phone service contract.  For example, there are no free phones for pay-as-you-go pre-paid cell phones.  The only time the cell phones are free is when a customer signs up for an industry-standard two-year minimum plan or contract.

When a customer opts for the minimum two year contract with minimum monthly payments, the choice of phones is generally a free cell phone which is a refurbished phone that is still in excellent working order, or a brand new phone for which the customer pays.  The brand new free cell phone, when purchased with a two year plan, will still end up being much cheaper than buying the phone without a plan.  However, for those who want a really good phone on a budget, the refurbished phones are of excellent quality.

Usually, when the contract period is longer, say for three years instead of two, or if the monthly payments are larger in a two-year contract,  the free cell phone that’s thrown in as part of the deal will be of much better quality with many more features, and will be the absolute latest model.  So if a person must have the newest technological gadgets, the longer, more expensive contract will probably be the most suitable as the free cell phone in the plan package will be what he or she is looking for.

Having a look at the free cell phones on offer at, will give a person a better understanding of how the concept of free cell phones works.  However, one will quickly see that in order to get a free cell phone, there are plans and contracts available to suit almost every budget and every taste.


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