5 best Weight Lose apps to burn calories

| May 17, 2012

Weight lose apps helps you to visualize and monitor your eating habits and  with them one can also consistently reduce weight. There are five best weight lose apps that helps you in burning the calories.   
1.      Thin-Cam 

Whenever one wants to reduce his weight, the first thing he would do to seek the best nutritionist who can advise him the best diet chart or a food diary. Also, without knowing what and how you eat on daily basis it’s difficult to maintain one’s weight. But the research has shown that when one starts to note down what they eat, they can have a full control on their diet in a proper way and also, they would be able to cut down the quantity of food as well. Thin Cam app enables the people to keep the records of what and how much one eats on daily basis.

2.      Weight Watchers Mobile

Keeping track of one’s Weight Watchers estimate can be burdensome, especially when the diet program is recently fixed to the system of controlling the diet. Hence, weight watchers app is effective in a way because it keeps track of the points of your weight. All you need is to enter the quantity of meals and the app will automatically convert it into the points.

3.   Lose It!

This is a free app which first asks for your weight which people might considered it as not very friendly, but once you entered it, along with your desired weight, your height, age, gender and the amount of weight you will see the effective results in the weight loss program because it basically gives a complete calorie budget which has helped people a lot in the burning process of calories.

A “friends” feature allows you to get and give support to fellow dieters, while a graph shows your progress and helps keep you motivated.

How you decide to meet your calorie budget — either by eating less or exercising more — is up to you. Lose It! drives home the point that weight loss is really about one simple equation: calories in minus calories out.

4. Calorie Counter by Fat Secret app

This app basically scan the items which you have consumed on daily basis and then records the calories in order to help you to stay within the already calculated ideal calorie estimate and in this way one can remain conscious while eating. But the main advantage of this app is its massive amount of nutritional supportive database, which includes all kinds of food items along with the popular chains of restaurants and cafés.

  1. Meals and grocery-store items. You’ll rarely have to search for and separately list each ingredient in a restaurant sandwich again. With Calorie Counter, you’ll often find the whole sandwich already in the system. Equipped with a food diary and an exercise log, FatSecret’s app also helps you track calories consumed against calories burned.

5. Restaurant Nutrition

The Restaurant Nutrition app basically makes one person to consume the healthy food makes eating out healthier. It features the menus of more than 115 national restaurants and lets you see the nutritional contents of a meal before you order it. The app shows calories, carbs, protein and fat content and tracks the meals you’ve already eaten. Who says eating out has to be unhealthy?


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