Impacts of technology raising the opinion of being a mess or bless?

| May 2, 2012

Technology has gained a special position in the entire world in the present scenario. Every passing day brings tremendous technical innovations and inventions with it. Various technology basics are experiencing new challenges leading towards extreme exploration of the entire horizon of the tech world.

Starting from enormous enterprises to common individual level, technology is present within every circle with its own unique behavior. Whether complicated or simple, the scope of technology is high and yet most distinctive among every circle relying on it.


Various names such as Microsoft, Apple, Sony,

Dell and Intelare some of the common rulers of technology that hold a strong and a significant position in the entire technical world. Every one out of this list holds a sound position and yet a dependable reputation responsible for bringing a constant change and new environment in the current status.

With the ever-increasing pace of technology, two aspects of behavior have been evolved. One prospect defines the technology usage to be a total blessing for the entire mankind. One instance for this is the invention of personal computers which has made the use of computer technology quite approachable and reachable for a common man. Laptops are yet another convenient technical invention which has made the communication easier and more reliable.

IPods, MP3 players, MP4 players, camcorders, digital cameras all are a constant source of enjoyment and entertainment and yet a perfect blessing of technology!

This huge race of progress has also brought up the invention of android technology tablet pc’s with it. Apple Inc. leads this race by inventing the first Apple iPad with Macintosh operating system in April 2010. Rest of the companies including Google, Samsung etc. followed this race by inventing their own sorts of tablet pc’s comprising of android technology. This revolutionary form of technology came out to be the most reliable, handy and stylish at the same time, thus fascinating the entire mankind to explore further arenas of the technical world.

Every invention holds pros and cons associated with it. With a long list of pros, technology possesses some cons as well. Along with the ever increasing progress and constant success among the technical world of business, various sorts of cyber crimes have also taken birth because of technology. Various hackers have put their strong efforts in digging out the most useful and valuable data from the possession of strong security checks.

Although the technology has made the world to be a global village, but at the same time it has enhanced the distances between the families and their family members as everyone in the family is now eager to gain an access to any form of technology thus neglecting the interests present in their own family members!. Since pros are greater and superior when it comes to the judgment about technology, so, technology if used correctly and appropriately, is indeed a blessing instead of becoming a mess!!


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