A helping hand from Nokia accessories at isme

| March 20, 2012

We all have our hands full. At work, play, picking up the kids from school, shopping for the week, popping to the gym – your hands are inevitably occupied. Little hands need holding, prams need pushing, discarded coats and toys won’t carry themselves. You need at least two hands when fishing out a wallet or business card and still keeping hold of all your bags. Clinging onto the treadmill or cross trainer for dear life, trying to keep to that New Year’s resolution, your hands are very much occupied. In fact, it sometimes feels like we could do with an extra hand.

Whether it’s retro or smart, your Nokia is probably with you all the time. But, when it rings, where is it? It’s inevitable that, when that all-important call comes through, your phone will be at the bottom of a bag, or unreachable because you’re trying to juggle half a dozen things at once. When you finally do unearth your device it’s scratched or smudgy, or you’re in such a fluster that you drop it. We all need a helping hand sometimes, and that’s why Nokia accessories at isme are invaluable.

To avoid the ‘bottom of the bag’ scenario, there’s the Nokia Universal Carry Case. With a handy belt loop, you can either attach it to a belt or to a strap in your bag, meaning it’s always easy to find. Alternatively, go for a second skin in bright blue or red. Immediately making your Nokia stand out, in either a bag or a pile of papers, you can avoid the embarrassment of trying to answer a call in a rush with your wallet to your ear.

When you’re on the go but need to be available at all times to pick up that crucial call, then the Nokia Premium Bluetooth Headset with its metallic finish is a stylish and ergonomic choice. With just the touch of a button, you can answer your call hands-free – wherever your phone is hiding – and as it comes with a selection of earpieces it’s extremely comfortable to wear. You only have two hands but, with this simple solution, you can keep them both free to juggle whatever life might throw at you, and still stay connected.


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