Download Top 5 Free Defragmentation Tools for Windows

| January 19, 2012

If you are experiencing significant lack in your computer processing, your computer is too slow and takes lot of time to open files or folders, then it’s time to defragment your hard drive.

Windows does have a built-in utility for defragmentation but the default defragmentation tool for Windows is also functions very slowly. Therefore, there is a need for free defragmentation tools that can serve the purpose more effectively and efficiently.


Defraggler is yet another remarkable windows utility from the makers of CCleaner; this new application is gaining on popularity with the passage of time. Defraggler is a lightweight and easy to use utility with just a single .exe file, and therefore is portable. Defraggler can defragment not just an entire drive, but also the most midget of files. Although 64 bit computers are not supported, this free defragmenter can run on Windows Vista as well.

Click here to download Defraggler

JK Defrag

JK Defrag is a freeware defragmentation software application for windows that can perform all functions that a defragmenter should do. In addition, there’s a command line version available in this free defragmentation software application. You will be able to schedule defragmentation while the screensaver is running, using another customized version of JKDefrag.

Click here to download JK Defrag


Contig is another command line defragmentation software application that is reckoned to defragment a single file. Nevertheless, new graphical user interface foreparts to Contig like the Power Defragmenter can defragment not just a file, but also a folder and also hard drive.

Click here to download Contig


PageDefrag is absolutely free defragmentation software for Windows that can assist in defragmenting registry and paging files that are active most of the time. It executes during system boot to defragment such files that cannot be defragmented using the normal defragmenter.

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SpeeDefrag restarts your PC, and loads only the default Windows Defragmenter to the memory. This successively quickens the defragmentation procedure. Scheduling is also possible in SpeeDefrag.

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