Best Free Alternatives for Windows Explorer

| January 19, 2012

There are many useful alternatives available for Windows Explorer. Some of the best alternatives for default windows explorer adds tabs to the regular explorer navigation, which means you don’t have to open multiple explorer windows for your routine tasks.

You might also like to change the feel of your regular computer operations and switch to something more productive. Therefore, If you would like to switch to a tabbed windows explorer experience then you must try any of the alternatives discussed below:


If you’re one who used to open multiple windows to work with files from different folders then QTTabBar is the right software for you.

Click here to download QTTabbar


xplorer² lite is a very effective replacement for your default explorer windows and executes better than QTTabBar. It’s a lightweight version of xplorer² software which is available for commercial usage and that is paid as well; however, it is absolutely free for personal and academic uses.

Click here to download xplorer²


ExplorerXP is a very fast, lightweight, compact and advanced freeware software application. ExplorerXP is compatible with Windows 2000/XP and it is free for ino-commercial usage only.

Click here to download ExplorerXP


XPlorer is a best replacement for the Windows Explorer; it adds multi tabbed features to enhance your explorer experience. Therefore it’s potential to have lots of locations opened at the same time, while we can manage them in an easy and efficient manner.

Click here to download Xplorer


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