How to Increase the Efficiency of Your Laptop in 10 Simple Steps

| January 10, 2012

Laptop brings a lot of ease to your computer related tasks, as you can use it with lot of ease and its portable nature makes it even more reliable. Nevertheless, if your laptop is not running as fast as it did when it was new and you are experiencing regular system halts then possibly it’s time for some routine maintenance and cleanup.

Here are some primary yet effective tips which you can employ to significantly increase the efficiency of your laptop.

Defragmentation: – You should defragment your laptop on regular basis, once a week to be more precise. Your computer breaks all of your files up into many pieces, and scatters them throughout your hard drive.  What defragmenting does is take all these fluxed and isolated pieces, and regroups them accurately into a space where they can be easily accessed more quickly.

Registry Cleaning: – Amongst the most crucial functions of Windows is the registry. Disastrous errors to your laptop can happen from defacement or degeneracy of this segment. The most usual reason of registry problems is installation of pirated software. You need to keep your registry clean and running a registry scanner on regular basis. You can easily get free registry cleaning software online.

Clear your Hard Drive: – You must remove all unnecessary programs and files from your laptop. If you kept on keeping unnecessary files and software applications, then these files can overload the hard drive and consequently will slow it down.

Virus Protection: – You need to have a proper anti-virus tool installed on your laptop and run a full computer scan at least once a week. Many users do this every day at system start-up. Most of the anti-virus programs are able to run automatically, which can save you your precious time.

Empty Recycle Bin: – You should empty Recycle Bin of your laptop on regular basis.

Delete Temporary Internet Files: – This can’t be accented or underlined enough. Every time you go to a web site on the web or open a file, a temporary copy is made and kept in your hard drive. They possibly called “temporary” but they are physically acquiring space on your hard drive. The more you have on your system, the more they are going to slow down your laptop. Whether you’re running any web browser Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can clear your cache and delete temporary internet files to increase the efficiency of your laptop.

Remove Un-used Start-up Programs: – Many programs automatically start at the computer startup. Some of these programs are visible while some are running in the background, thus using valuable RAM memory. This can slow down the laptop gradually. You can manually remove/stop these programs from running on start-up.

Keeps your Laptop Running Cool: – Do not keep your laptop on your bed or sofa etc. It needs proper air circulation to keep the processor cool. A heated processor may cause your laptop to slow-down significantly.

Uninstall Un-wanted Programs: – Remove all such programs that are not in your use anymore. You should properly un-install the un-wanted programs through “Add/Remove Programs” option in control panel.

Upgrade your RAM: – Last but not the least if, you can always upgrade RAM of your laptop to experience the significant increase in the efficiency of your laptop.


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