Download 5 Must Have Free Microsoft Outlook Add-Ins

| January 10, 2012

Microsoft Outlook is undisputedly  the most renowned and largely used desktop email client which permits you to read emails, schedule appointments, take notes, manage your contacts in an authoritative manner and this all from the comfort of your desktop.

Microsoft Outlook is equipped with many features and it fulfills the user requirements effectively. However, there are many additional extensions which make using Microsoft Outlook a even more effective experience. In this article I will discuss about top 6 must have free extensions for Microsoft Outlook. These extensions will help a great deal to boost your working experience with Microsoft Outlook.


If you’ve been employing Microsoft Outlook for quite a some time you possibly have cursed with large number of emails which may be hard to find when you want. Xobni is a Outlook plug-in that assists you organize you emails and accelerates your search for e-mail and attachments.

Xobni offers many  unique features which include:

  • Lightning fast email search.
  • Threaded Conversations.
  • Email Analytics.
  • Quick attachment discovery.
  • Navigate your inbox by people.
  • Extracts Phone numbers from emails and links up it with contacts.
  • Assists you easily schedule engagements with your contacts.

Click here to download Xobni.


Taglocity is another awesome Add-in for Microsoft Outlook which provides easy management of your emails. Taglocity permits you to add in the most wanted functionality of tagging emails, tasks, contacts and calendar entries. As you already know, Tags make your life much more comfortable with ascertaining content and Taglocity adds that lacking touch to Microsoft Outlook.

Click here to download Taglocity.

Google Calendar Sync

Google Calendar Sync basically is  not really what you call an Add-in for Microsoft Outlook, but still this is highly recommended if you would like to synchronize your calendars between multiple Outlook installations. In order to synchronize your calendar between multiple Outlook installations, you will require to download and install this plug-in on both computers. Once setup, you will be able to use your Google account as a central storage for calendar events and keep both your Outlook installations in sync.

Click here t0 download Google Calendar Sync


Easy2Add is another free add-in that permits to add events to your calendar in Microsoft Outlook in relatively quicker and easier manner. The user interface of Easy2Add is very similar to adding quick events to Google Calendar and can come in rather convenient when you prefer to promptly add a event without opening the Outlook user interface.

Click here to download Easy2Add

Live Search Maps

Live search maps  can be very handy when you are in a situation where you have to reach some where in 10 minutes but don’t know the exact directions to get there. The Live Search Maps add-in will direct you to your destination.

Click here to download Live Search Maps


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