iPhone’s Siri In Windows Phone 7

| January 3, 2012

We have been hearing news about Siri platform being hacked and getting used on iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4. Well there is more to loose for Apple. Through sources we now know that there will be a lot of Siri-ness in the upcoming Windows Phone 7.

Developers for Windows Phone 7 have actually played it really smart this time. Instead of setting a complete built-in platform such as Apple did on iPhone Siri, they have worked on an app (which by the way is ad free) that will serve the purpose of ‘speech to text’ functionality.

The app is currently under construction by Shai Leib that will translate the human speech into transcribed text and consequently perform the related tasks such as sending a SMS, calling a contact, sending emails and uploading social network updates. The app will also respond to generic questions such as weather conditions, nearest places (hospitals, restaurants,  gas stations etc.)

However, the app is still in the developing phase in the Microsoft camp and there are several beta tests to be done before its official launch. Though, we are not much sure how will Apple’s Siri respond when asked about Windows Phone 7’s app.



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