List of Best Facebook Games in 2011

| December 31, 2011

Facebook is by far the biggest social networking website in the world with its user base of over 800 million worldwide. Apart from its countless uses, Facebook helped a great deal in establishing a sound foundation for social gaming. Year 2011 has seen the evolution of social gaming to a greater extent.

One of the greatest trends in year 2011 is social gaming  and it is most likely that this growing trend will remain on the higher side in year 2012. Facebook, with over 800 million users worldwide, is un-arguably the biggest platform for social gaming. According to a survey conducted in United States by Newzoo, there are over 215 million gamers in the US and approximately 16% (which accumulates over 14 Million) users have played social games on Facebook and other social netwroking web sites. This reflects that bulk of users have un-questionably played social games on Facebook.

Facebook has composed a list of some of the best and most popular games played on its social network in year 2011. It was anticipated that CityVille by Zynga would top the list, but it’s rather storming to see that CityVille has been graded at third position, while Gardens of Time by Playdom crowned the list, conformed to by The Sims Social by EA in the second position.

Here’s the complete list of the most famous and best Facebook games in 2011:

  • Gardens of Time (By Playdom)
  • The Sims Social (By EA)
  • Cityville (By Zynga)
  • DoubleDown Casino (by DoubleDown Entertainment)
  • Indiana Jones Adventure World (By Zynga)
  • Words With Friends (By Zynga)
  • Bingo Blitz (By Buffalo Studios)
  • Empires & Allies (By Zynga)
  • Slotomania-Slot Machines (By Playtika)
  • Diamond Dash (By wooga)

The list published by Facebook was composed on the basis of games that had 100,000 monthly active users and giving priority to those games with the highest user gratification scores. The games were also graded based on the most user recommendations, which may have had an impact in the final ranking.


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