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| December 31, 2011

Having portable apps at your disposal is the most latest trend in technology world. Portable apps brings so much ease to your routine computer related tasks, saves precious time and most of all valuable disk space.

The world of portable apps is simply amazing. The primary benefit or the greatest positive point is that you will be able to run portable apps from any USB flash drive or in any other storage media, there is no need to install or follow the tedious setup process. Remarkably, world’s most popular web browser Google Chrome is also available as a portable app and can be downloaded through this useful post.

Google Chrome Portable Web Browser

Google Chrome has gradually become one of the top 3 popular web browsers. It is configured to be uncomplicated and the center while using Chrome web browser is on web page, instead of other not so significant factors. If you have never experienced Google Chrome web browser yet, then its time now you give it a try.

Every web browser executes utterly when its first installed. However as time goes on and a user begins installing more and more extensions, the web browser gets distended. But this isn’t the case with Chrome web browser, it does not get distended, it can install additional extensions promptly and they are easy to manage from the add-ons page on Tools menu. The portable version of Google chrome web browser also features password portability. Google Chrome stores passwords in such a manner that they’re encoded and bonded to current personal computer. Nevertheless, this portable version includes password portability as an advanced procedure that users can enable by reading help.html file. This means wherever you go, all the stored passwords also go with you.

All you have to do after downloading is run the executable file to run the installation of Google Chrome portable. Before initiating the installation process, make sure that you are connected to the Internet. Do not worry, you will need to conform to this method only once and when reminded about the location of installation, install the portable app in your USB flash drive. The installation process will download the latest version of Google Chrome web browser and then install it on the selected location.

You can download portable app of Google Chrome web browser, by clicking on the download link provided below. Now take your web browsing experience with you, wherever you go.

Download Portable Google Chrome from here.


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